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Aprendo Leyendo

Comprehensive reading program development

In South America, there has never been a reading program for dyslexic children. School districts have few resources, and those with learning challenges must try their best in “regular” classes.

Our amazing client—who is Argentinian and has seen the benefits of multisensory education with her own two dyslexic children—set out to start Aprendo Leyendo (“Grow Through Reading”) to address this problem. She put together an amazing team of learning experts and on-the-ground teachers. We were on design.

The program is has been enthusiastically received in Argentina and is currently being tested in 25 schools with the expectation of rapid expansion as government agencies take it on.

Covers of the six workbooks show our shy dragon gradually coming out of his shell through reading!
handwriting spread.jpg

Months went into defining the scope of the program and the overall approach. Weeks were spent on appropriate typefaces—we ended up drawing this one— and layouts that would allow space for children to focus on one task at a time.


Our plan to make this an upbeat, joyful experience for students was made a lot easier with the addition of Dolores Avendano—illustrator of the Spanish language Harry Potter series—to the team. Together we came up with the idea of the shy dragon who gradually becomes more confident as the he learns to read. Dolores’s delightful illustrations give life to every exercise.

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